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Who shot Rock and Roll? at Tucson Museum of Art

TUCSON, AZ.- A visual celebration of the marriage of photography and rock and roll being held at the Tucson Museum of Art October 23, 2011 – January 15, 2012. Organized by the Brooklyn Museum and guest curated by noted photography scholar Gail Buc...

The Rich Tradition of Czech Photography Offered in Sale by artnet...

NEW YORK, NY.- artnet Auctions announce an offering of approximately 75 Czech photographs. This selection of works will illustrate the rich photographic tradition of the Czech Republic with estimates ranging from USD 1500–2500 to USD 60,000–8...

MKG in Hamburg Opens Exhibition of 150 Years of Nude Photography

HAMBURG.- The representation of the unclothed human body has exuded a great fascination ever since time began. The exhibition "Nude Visions" invites visitors to embark on a journey through a collection of depictions of the human body spanning 150 years. More than 250 original photos, books and folders with studies from the nude will be on view, including masterpieces from each period: from photographs dating from the 19th century which seek their models in Classical Antiquity and the Renaissance, up to Surrealistic experiments and fashion and lifestyle photography. The exhibition illustrates changing ideals of beauty and moral perceptions, and reveals once again the constant attempt to balance between educational openness, titillation and

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