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Parallel Exhibitions by Sarah Ortmeyer and Florian Huttner at Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst

BREMEN.- With these parallel exhibitions of works by Sarah Ortmeyer and Florian Hüttner the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst presents two artistic positions with fundamentally different approaches. Sarah Ortmeyer wrests individual persons and situations from their historical contexts and reassembles them in unfamiliar and thought-provoking constellations. Established historical fact forms the basis for an idiosyncratic and subjective perspective which extends its fictions into the present day. The associations evoked by her films, installations, and objects enrich our encounter with the past and reveal the magic that slumbers within what we hold to be established fact. Ortmeyer uncovers the layers and connections that exist behind the neutral information with which we are so familiar, yet which so rarely impinges on our lives. Her works draw out the potentially subversive elements hidden within historical narratives through