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Künstlerhaus Bethanien features Brazilian Photographer Dirceu Maués

Dirceu Maués - View of Fair "Ver-o-Peso". Belém - Pará - Brasil -  Pinhole Photography

BERLIN.- Dirceu Maués is a photographer whose oeuvre
constitutes a far-reaching investigation into the photographic process and the
techniques and equipment involved. His works, therefore, are always in-depth
examinations of the photographic mechanism as such, and this study presents him
with his own opportunity to define a camera’s functional categories. The current
omnipresence of digitally generated images is an occasion for Dirceu Maués to
reflect on more original forms of photography in his works. Deliberately setting
them apart from the predominantly functional parameters to be found in today’s
modern cameras, he constructs his own cameras using the simplest of means. Over
the course of time, in this way the so-called “pinhole” technique based on the
principle of the camera obscura has developed into his main means of aesthetic