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MFA Fine Arts Department Open Studios, SVA‏

School of Visual Arts (SVA) MFA Fine Arts Department Open Studios at SVA April 26–28, 2012 Reception: Thursday, April 26, 5 – 9pm Friday, April 27, 12–8pm Saturday, April 28, 12–6pm 133/141 West 21 Street, Floors 8 and 9 Chelsea, one of the most engaging arenas of art in New York City, is,…

Art News

Museo Picasso Málaga Exhibits ‘Muses and Models’

Pablo Picasso Lying Woman With A Gigantic Hand

Málaga, Spain – Over the course of his life, Pablo Picasso produced an extensive number of works featuring women – his favorite subject.  Whether delicately sensual or profoundly carnal, temperamental or serene, these women did not merely pose; rather, through the master’s gaze, they played an active role in the creative process, becoming muses and sources of inspiration for the man who loved them and immortalized them in his work.