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Milwaukee Art Museum to host “Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography”

Louis Faurer - San Genaro Festival, New York City, 1949 - Gelatin silver print, 20.96 x 31.43 cm. Copyright:© Louis Faurer Estate/Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC (Not On Exhibition)

Milwaukee, WI –
Abstract Expressionism, film noir, Beat
poetry, and the New Journalism are all widely recognized aftershocks of World
War II, representing a broad aesthetic revolution that championed spontaneity
and subjective interpretation as the guiding principles of creative practice.
Postwar photographers in many ways set the rhythm and tenor of this new
approach, not least because the hand-held camera was naturally suited to chance
discoveries and impulsive gestures. On exhibition January 30–April 25, 2010 at
the Milwaukee Art Museum.