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Bosch Young Talent Show 2011‏

Bosch Young Talent Show (BYTS) 49 international artists from 15 Bosch cities at BYTS 2011 17 September–16 October 2011 www.byts.nl Bosch Young Talent Show BYTS draws international young...

Gonkar Gyatso Presents Two New Works at 6th Asia Pacific Triennial...

QUEENSLAND.- Rossi & Rossi Ltd. announced that Gonkar Gyatso will participate in the '6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art'. On view are two new works, "Reclining Buddha – Shanghai to Lhasa Express" and "Spring 2008", along with a third, "Angel", from the permanent collection of the Queensland Art Gallery. It will be the artist’s first exhibition following his inclusion in the 'Arsenale' at the '53rd Venice Biennale' in summer of 2009. Each work is crafted through Gyatso’s signature technique, with hundreds of stickers carefully arranged to create images culled from mass media and Buddhist iconography. "Angel" presents the iconic image of an Abu Ghraib prisoner rendered in brand logo stickers superimposed over a Buddhist deity of compassion. A flurry of news headlines and advertising taglines surround the ambiguous figure. Meticulous prints and drawings create a delicate counterpoint to the graphic vi

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