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Todd Hido Photographs in Solo Show at Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery

Todd Hido - Untitled 3680, 2005 / C-Print 50 x 60 cm. / ©Todd Hido. Courtesy: Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery, Cologne.

COLOGNE.- With the exhibition House Hunting /
Nudes of photographs by the US-American artist Todd Hido the Kaune, Sudendorf
Gallery presents the first solo show of the artist in Western Europe.

The exhibited photographs are a selected body of works out of his monographs
‘House Hunting’ and ‘Between the Two’. The portraits of women posing in desolate
rooms give off the impression of rootlessness, isolation, desertion, loss and of
inevitable end. We do not learn the names of the women or venues – the images
could have been taken anywhere in the world and at any point in time. On
view through 10 April, 2010.