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Lester Johnson Admired Expressionist Artist Dies at 91

New York, NY - Lester Johnson, an admired artist whose expressionist brushwork lent vigor and force to the human figure — isolated and embattled, or alive with the joy of movement in crowds — died on May 30. He was 91 and lived in ...

Galerie Ludorff presents Important Paintings by Expressionist Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde - "Gartenblumen mit violetten und gelben Blüten", 1950 - water colour on japan paper, 16.6 x 20.1 cm., Signed

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY - Galerie Ludorff presents an exhibition of important paintings, watercolours and prints by expressionist icon Emil Nolde. The exhibition comprises more than thirty paintings, watercolours and some of his most important prints. It brings together some of his very early prints, some of his most important works from the Brücke years and the winters spent in Berlin from 1905 to the 1920’s. On view 17 January through 17 April, 2010.

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