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Invitation-entry ibiennial

st iBIENNIAL juried contemporary art competition 24 months on display online. iBIENNIAL is a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place online at Artoteque.com once every two years...

[International ArtExpo] Call for Artists: Liquid Identities

International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short.films to include in the next 2008 Exhibitions: Liquid Identities - Video Art & Architecture event at the 5th Edition of the International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2008 in Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania (November 15-16, 2008).

International On-line Art Competition

International On-line Art Competition News :: Call for Entries - TOPTEN / Surrealism / ALL Media Surrealism is an art form that continues to fascinate the art public and allow an enormous liberty of expression to the artist, an expression of the unconscious activity of the mind.

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