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Announcement for Emerging Artists‏

Would you like to become a Bach Modern Project artist ? “ Emerging Talents “ exhibitions may be a good start for cooperation...

The Six Most Common Mistakes Artists Make When Approaching Galleries‏

Did you know on an average week I may be approached by as many as 20-35 artists looking for gallery representation? Most of...

Art Space Gallery shows Paul Hamlyn’s ~ ‘Rendlesham Forest’

LONDON - Living and working in Suffolk and London, Paul Hamlyn’s paintings draw on aspects of the British landscape into which he weaves a narrative that infuses the work with a dreamlike, surreal sensibility. His solo exhibition at Art Space ...

La Loggia Art Gallery – Vernissage in Toscana‏

Opportunity of exhibiting your works in one of the most prestigious galleries in the centre of Italy: Galleria La Loggia. La Loggia is located in Sansepolcro, a few metres from the Civic Museum, hosting the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca, who was born in Sansepolcro and stands as one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance period.

eInvitation – Exhibition at Alankritha Art Gallery‏

floating Perceptions group exhibition at AlankrithA art gallery

Gallery show‏-downtownsf gallery

Hello, Introduction In Brief ; The 4000 sq feet gallery "The Artists Alley" is one of the largest galleries of Californian and international artists in SF,...

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