Walton Ford to Show His Brilliant ‘Bestiarium’ in Europe for the First Time


Walton Ford: Falling Bough, 2002 - Watercolor, gouache, ink and pencil on paper, 158 x 307 cm. - © Walton Ford

BERLIN.-A troop of monkeys celebrate a
feast, a panther wanders across a snowy Alpine landscape and a pack of white
wolves surround a buffalo dripping blood in a manicured French garden. At first
’s large-scale animal watercolour paintings
evoke prints by French and British colonial-era illustrators from the 19th
After closer examination however, they reveal a pictorial
universe of complex and disturbing allusions. The various tigers, lions, birds
and primates that populate the life-size pictures appear as vivacious
protagonists locked in allegorical struggles. The resulting combination
of historical fact, natural history inquiry and surreal imaginings give rise to
Walton Ford’s brilliant ‘Bestiarium’.