Thomas Dane Gallery in London Presents Artist Anya Gallaccio’s Where is Where It’s At


LONDON.- Thomas Dane Gallery presents Anya Gallaccio: Where is Where it’s at, on view from 23 March through May 7, 2011. Where is Where it’s at is a journey through space and time, for which Anya Gallaccio culled sand from the stratified deposits of the deserts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, and transported it to London. The trans-North American and transatlantic voyages of the sand evokes the personal journey of the artist herself, since she left the UK three years ago to take on the position of professor of visual arts at the University of California in San Diego. “Look closely at a crack in the wall and it might as well be the Grand Canyon” – Robert Smithson. The journey started in Death Valley; an almost cliché and cathartic Great-West American road-trip, to end up in London as an ordered theatre of shades and tones. Formally, the sand, which combines