The Tyler Museum of Art Presents an Exhibition of The Tile Club-Artists of America’s Aesthetic Movement


TYLER, TX.- The Tyler Museum of Art examines the late 19th Century expression of an American aesthetic with the exhibition “Studiously Slangy and Bohemian,” The Tile Club–Artists of America’s Aesthetic Movement from the Graham Williford Collection. The exhibition on view from December 14, 2010 through February 20, 2011 in the Museum’s Bell Gallery. In addition to the two rare examples of the exhibition’s namesake tiles, over 80 paintings, sculptures and prints from the Tile Club artists are on view. The exhibition is organized by the Tyler Museum of Art. Tile Club members were arguably the first group of artists who succeeded in creating a “cult of the artists” against the backdrop of America’s “Aesthetic Movement” during the late 19th Century. Their group, based in New York, was primarily made up of artists but also included other professionals such as an architect an