The Japan Society To Showcase "Fiber Futures ~ Japan’s Textile Pioneers"

artwork: Naoko Serino - "Generating—8", 2006 - Jute; free technique - 130 x 200 x 400 cm. - Courtesy of the artist. On view at the Japan Society Gallery, New York City in "Fiber Futures: Japan's Textile Pioneers" from September 16th until December 18th

New York City.- The Japan Society is proud to showcase a growing aesthetic movement, art inspired by extreme textile making in the exhibition “Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers” on view at the society’s gallery from September 16th through December 18th. Coaxed from materials as age-old as hemp and newly developed as microfilaments, a varied array of more than 35 large-scale works will be on view. While the spirit of a Japanese sensibility and a technical virtuosity hewn over centuries is everywhere evident, what best characterizes the work on view is a thirst for experimentation, whether it be in the search for the unconventional material or in the fusing of seemingly opposing extremes of old and new. One also sees the medium of fiber used to express ideas about nature and sustainability and personal and cultural identity.