The Guggenheim’s Helsinki Concept and Development Study: Project Update


NEW YORK, NY.- The Guggenheim‘s Helsinki Concept and Development Study is well underway. This project update, the first to be issued since the project was announced in January 2011, offers information about what the study entails and who is involved. “It’s an opportunity to ask very open-ended questions about what a museum might be in the 21st century, starting from a clean slate,” explains Ari Wiseman, Deputy Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. According to Wiseman, the study team is asking how an institution developed with as few preconceptions as possible might respond in new ways to artists and audiences, and how the particular strengths of Helsinki, Finland and the Nordic region might be combined with those of the Guggenheim network of museums to contribute something new to the world of culture. Although the Guggenheim has conducted studies in the past, this undertaking differs in three ways. First, it