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Ruven Afanador returns to Colombia for exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá

BOGOTA.- After twenty years of strong presence in international publications, Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador returns to his homeland to show his essence at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá: eighty portraits of figures like Hillary Clinton, the Duchess of Alba and Courtney Love, among others. Until October 9, on the walls of this museum in Bogotá, known as MamBo, will hang a selection of images chosen by the artist called “I’ll be your mirror, Ruven Afanador: 80 Portraits,” which he defined “as a diary.” The show “is the essence, I associate it fully with the mirror and me,” he said in an interview with a news agency, explaining that the collection includes portraits from his books including thematic projects “Torero” (2001), “Shadow” (2004 ) and “Thousand kisses” (2009). Mil Besos (1000 Kisses), a celebration of the women of flamenco from Southern Spain. The exhibition is also presenting a selection of images from Afanador’s first publication, Torero, featuring photogra