Russian Artist Anatoly Pastyrev Spends a Small Fortune to Pay Tribute to Queen


KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIA (REUTERS).- A Russian artist in Siberia has spent a small personal fortune on over a thousand pearls for a religious painting he has made for the Queen. Clad in embroidered robes, Adam and Eve sit in thrones on a suspended Garden of Eden in Anatoly Pastyrev’s painting, which is crowned by a Russian Orthodox icon and pearl-encrusted throughout. “The British monarchy in particular has been the bastion of modern civilisation which has centuries-old traditions coming from Christianity,” Pastyrev told Reuters on Sunday at his home in the taiga forest encircling Krasnoyarsk, some 3,300 km (2,000 miles) east of Moscow. Pastyrev now wants to give the painting, called “Glorification of the Lord,” to the British monarch as a tribute to her