Painter and Street Artist Emeli Theander has First Exhibition at Galerie Adler


FRANKFURT.- Galerie ADLER is presenting the young Berlin artist Emeli Theander (*1984 Göteborg, Sweden) in her first gallery exhibition! The painter and street artist Emeli Theander continues to follow traces of outsiders and freaks, diving into worlds inhabited by ghosts. What connects these figures is their existence at the margins of modern imagination For this first solo show Emeli Theander is dealing with the belief in the Gastkramad. This old Nordic folk-belief describes a special behaviour of ghosts which perhaps could have serious consequences also for the living. According to this folk-belief ghosts are allowed to leave their graves between midnight and sunrise. However, when surprised by morning dawn, they could not move any more, but they still were remaining invisible for humans. In case a human being happened to touch one of the ghosts in this state, he was afflicted by more or less serious illness. Today th