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New Deal Exhibition at Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art Explores 1930’s Art

Joseph Hirsch - "Street Scene", 1938 - Oil on canvas, 22 x 24 inches. Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, The University of Oklahoma, Norman; WPA Collection, 1942.

NORMAN, OK.- In light of the current U.S. economy and its
historic correlation to the 1930s,
the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of
Art premieres a new exhibition of New Deal-era artwork this spring. Revisiting
the New Deal: Government Patronage and the Fine Arts, 1933-1943 opens Friday,
Feb. 5,
with a special public opening reception at 7
Revisiting the New Deal surveys the large collection of painting,
sculpture and prints that the museum acquired from the federal government
between 1935 and 1943. Selections from the exhibition include works by Stuart
Davis, Joseph Hirsch, Jon Corbino, Louis Lozowick, Paul Goodbear and Patrociño
Barela. A collection of posters designed by Louis Siegriest and reproductions of
Navajo blankets by Louis Ewing are highlighted as well.