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National Gallery opens Exhibition of Major Loans of Paintings by Paul Delaroche

Paul Delaroche - 'The Execution of Lady Jane Grey', 1833 - Oil on canvas -  Courtesy of London: National Gallery

LONDON.- The exhibition features seven major
international loans of paintings by Delaroche including ‘The Princes in the
Tower’, 1830 and ‘Young Christian Martyr’, 1854–5 (both Louvre), and ‘Strafford
on his way to Execution,’ 1835 (private collection).
alongside are Delaroche’s expressive preparatory drawings for Lady Jane and a
selection of comparative paintings and prints by his contemporaries, including
Eugène Lami, Claude Jacquand and François-Marius Granet. On exhibition
at the National Gallery, London through 23 May, 2010.