John Waters Takes Over Walker Galleries as Absentee Landlord


MINNEAPOLIS, MN.- Pop culture provocateur John Waters brings his exuberant impudence to the Walker Art Center’s galleries this summer as curator of the exhibition Absentee Landlord, running June 11, 2011 through March 4, 2012. Absentee Landlord Absentee Landlord is Waters’ devious intervention into the Walker exhibition Event Horizon, which opened in 2009 and featured highlights from the Walker’s collection. Event Horizon was designed to change over time, with new curators adding to and subtracting from the existing layout. Incorporating a new set of works from the Walker’s collection, plus works from other collections and pieces he created himself, Waters will imbue the galleries with his trademark blend of subversion and insight. In Absentee Landlord, Waters views the Walker galleries as analogous to apartments—artworks coexist like roommates, with relationships that range from belligerent to frien