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Humphrey Bogart’s son opens film festival at Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

WASHINGTON (AP).- That famous movie line, “Here’s looking at you, kid,” will have time to echo in the halls of the Smithsonian this weekend as the son of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall opens the first film festival at the National Mall’s new movie theater. “Casablanca” will be the first film shown at the new Warner Bros. Theater at the National Museum of American History on Friday night, followed by free weekend screenings of “The Maltese Falcon,” ”The Treasure of Sierra Madre” and “The Big Sleep.” Bogart’s suit worn in “Casablanca” also is on display, on loan from Warner Bros. Stephen Bogart, 63, said he didn’t really know his famous father because he died when his son was just 8 years old. “All I knew him as was on celluloid,” said Stephen Bogart, who is now a real estate agent in Naples, Fla. Still, he said his