Headbones Gallery Exhibits Robert Bigelow’s New Drawings


Robert Bigelow – C-RBB 60, 2010, red, black and blue ballpoint pen on paper, 6x6 inches. © 2010 Robert Bigelow - Image courtesy of Headbones Gallery

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Bigelow: C-RBB 6×6 2010
is part of an exhibition organized by
Headbones Gallery that is on
display at Ashpa Naira Gallery in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.   Robert
Bigelow’s recently accomplished work is a series of drawings – over two
– in less than a year – using just red, black and blue. His practice is a

perfect example of inspired research. With the attention to detail often

associated with the scientific method, Bigelow has executed a
concentrated body
of work that records the visual charting of his mind as carefully as an
electroencephalograph. On view through 1 August.