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Half Century After It was Built, Berlin Wall Makes a Big Comeback for Tourists

BERLIN (REUTERS).- The Berlin Wall is making a comeback. A half century after it was built and two decades after its demise, a few bits of the Wall that once split Berlin into East and West are being reinstated for posterity to the delight of tourists seeking a glimpse of the city’s Cold War history. Almost all of the 160 km (100 miles) of Berlin Wall that encircled West Berlin in the heart of Communist East Germany was hastily torn down or chiseled away in the euphoria after it was breached in 1989. There were only a few withered remnants of the wall left by the time the two Germanys reunited less than a year later on October 3, 1990. Only three of the 302 ominous East German guard towers still stood. “There’s a general complaint that the demolition of the Wall was a bit too extensive,” said Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit. “That’s understandable from today’s point of view and it would have probably