Guillotines, Scalpels and Ant Farms Provide Unique Opportunity To Reveal Unexpected Views into Architecture


LONDON.- From the surgeon’s scalpel to Madame guillotine, the slice can reveal a secret order, uncover hidden structures and open new views. The Slice, a new exhibition at the Architectural Association School, will explore the relationship between the external and what lies within by examining the peculiar traditions that link visibility to the swift saw. The convention of the architectural cross-section here finds its parallel in the physical sectioning of anatomical specimens. The exhibition is made up of models, apparatus, and objects encouraging the voyeur to look beyond surfaces, delve deeper to explore hidden structures and provide fascinating insights across disparate fields and historical moments. Items on display include: A silver medal commemorating Joseph Ignace Guillotin, as President of Paris Academy of Medicine, by J.P. Droz, French, 1809: Guillotin was opposed to the death penalty and hoped that a more humane and less painful method of execution would be th