Graffiti Artist’s Work Lands Him in Museum and Jail


NEW YORK (REUTERS).- A graffiti artist whose work went on display this month at a prestigious Los Angeles museum was sentenced to 45 days in prison on Wednesday for practicing the same craft in New York. Angel Ortiz, 44, was arrested three times in March for spray-painting “Laroc” — his tag — on walls and buildings in downtown Manhattan. He was sent to the Rikers Island jail on the third occasion, and so missed his chance to attend to the opening this month of “Art in the Streets,” an exhibition of graffiti and street art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, which includes works by Ortiz. “I went out to walk my dog, I brought a can with me — I shouldn’t have done it, I knew sooner or later I was going to get grabbed,” he told a police officer as he was being arrested the third time, spray-paint can in hand, according to a complaint filed in court by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Ortiz pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the top charge against him — crimin