Gavin Turk pays homage to Alighiero Boetti at Ben Brown Fine Arts

artwork: Gavin Turk - "Inside & Outside", 2012 - Embroidery - 27.7 x 26.6 cm; (10 7/8 x 10 1/2 in.) Courtesy of the artist and Ben Brown Fine Arts, London

LONDON.- Like all artists, Gavin Turk’s name is his brand and in the schizophrenic title for this show, he turns it into a family brand. Throughout 25 years of artwork, Turk has questioned authorship, identity and the handmade. This new exhibition is no exception, but here, he chooses to pay homage to Alighiero Boetti, an Italian conceptual artist prominent in the sixties and seventies, who is the subject of a current Tate Modern retrospective. Gavin Turk exhibition is on view at Ben Brown Fine Arts, London through 20th of April.