Full Set of Francisco Goya’s Los Caprichos on View at the Taft Museum of Art


CINCINNATI, OH.- Acting as an 18th century version of The Daily Show, Los Caprichos by Francisco Goya took an insightful yet darkly humorous view of contemporary Spanish society. From blasting provincial superstition to criticizing political corruption, this set of etchings confirms Goya’s liberalism and demonstrates the artist’s revulsion at intellectual oppression imposed by political and religious leaders. The full set of 18th-century Spanish artist Francisco Goya’s 80 haunting images from Los Caprichos (“The Whims” or “The Fantasies,” published in 1799) confronts human hypocrisy, pretense, fear, and irrationality, picturing them in every conceivable form. Information about the artworks and the artist in the gallery during this exhibition will be available in English and Spanish. This is the first time the Taft is offering bilingual labels for an exhibition. Goya’s singularly origi