Flatterland Funkytown: Polly Apfelbaum’s inaugural exhibition at D’Amelio Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Polly Apfelbaum’s inaugural exhibition at D’Amelio Gallery, Flatterland Funkytown, is a continuation of the artist’s long exploration of floor based works that oscillate between structure and formlessness. The installation consists of hundreds of crushed synthetic velvet pieces, all hand-cut, dyed, and laid out across the gallery floor. Always situational, Apfelbaum’s intentional arrangements expose the temporal and improvisational currents running through her abstractions. The flatness that characterizes Apfelbaum’s installation is less about form than it is about horizontality, a structural flattening of hierarchy that can be found in musical forms such as funk and punk rock. Funkytown is part of a series inspired by pop structures that give way to experimentation and unpredictability. The installation has a rhythm transmuted through the instruments