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First U.K solo exhibition of art works by great Syrian poet opens at the Mosaic Rooms

LONDON.- The Mosaic Rooms announces a tribute to the Arab world’s greatest living poet, Adonis. From February to March 2012, the Mosaic Rooms hosts an exhibition of Adonis’ exquisite drawings alongside a series of literary events celebrating his life, poetry and criticism. This is the first solo exhibition of Adonis’ artwork in the United Kingdom. Adonis, who is now in his eighties, has been painting and creating works of art for the past 12 years. His pictorial pieces are beautiful collages, made up of rags, yarn, fabric, documents, ancient papyri, used cans, and other found objects that have inspired him. By unifying these materials which belong to different cultures, Adonis aims to give sense to objects that have previously had no significance. Each collage has a background of Arabic writing, not only used because it is Adonis’ native language, but also because he considers the language to have