Exhibition featuring works by post-war and contemporary Russian artists at Erarta Galleries Zurich


ZURICH.- Erarta Galleries Zurich presents In Search for Inner Freedom, an exhibition featuring works by post-war and contemporary Russian artists. The selected works touch upon the intimate questions of freedom and choice, and share with its audience an overview of how these issues have been addressed by Russian artists of different generations. Freedom is one of the key definitions in Russian philosophical, political and aesthetical thought of the epoch, starting with the reforms of Peter the Great in the 18th Century and escalating to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The intellectual stratum of Russian society received both reforms and the revolution as the greatest attempts of acquiring freedom, and yet, paradoxically, these unprecedented events, originally aimed to liberate, caused the unexampled oppressions of freedom of thought and self-expression of 20th Century Russia. It is quite natural therefore that