Canadian Artist Shannon Bool’s Most Important Sources of Inspiration at Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst


BREMEN.- Everyday life, literature, psychology, music, and art history are Canadian artist Shannon Bool’s most important sources of inspiration. Her paintings, photograms, collages, carpets, murals, and objects explore contextual shifts and reassignments of meaning. Bool (born 1972, currently based in Berlin) is fascinated by the recurrence of ideas across different cultures and ages, and the revitalisation of quotidian phenomena and historico-cultural references through the excavation of their original meanings. Drawing on a diverse range of references and epochs, Bool creates images that blend historical and contemporary motives, materials, and themes. Form and content figure accordingly as equal peers in her artistic practice. Bool’s exhibition at the GAK is titled The Inverted Harem I. Evoking exoticism’s stubbornly persistent vision of the harem as a site of mystery, the exhibition explores the contrasts between Western pro