Breach: An exhibition at Rod Barton Gallery in London focuses on four young artists


LONDON.- Rod Barton Gallery presents Breach, an exhibition focusing on four young artists who embrace photography’s plasticity and it’s ability to exist in multiple contexts. Taking advantage of the medium’s inherent instability, they further explore and challenge our understanding of the medium. The title refers to both a breach of traditional photographic conventions and a rupture between real and virtual space. A photograph is paradoxical by nature: there is always a confliction between what it depicts and it’s physical existence as an object. Taking this paradox as a point of focus, participating artists create diverse work ranging from still-life photography to sculpture, pushing the medium to it’s elastic limits. These works could be said to be multi-stable with a similar perceptual effect to that of the famous optical illusion Rubin’s vase. When one attempts to pin them down they slip into another realm: contexts ar