Bocas de Ceniza: The Film and Media Art Goetz Collection in Munich’s Haus der Kunst


MUNICH.- “Bocas de Ceniza” marks the beginning of the cooperation between the collection Goetz and Haus der Kunst. From now through 2014, Ingvild Goetz will regularly present works from her collection of film and media art in the 14 cabinet-like rooms of Haus der Kunst’s air raid shelter. In its first presentation, “Bocas de Ceniza” responds to the theme given by the premises: The selected films deal with war experiences and the consequences of war, reflecting these both from the perspective of the military, as well as from the perspective of individual civilian survivors. The selection of works does not allow a clear distinction between films about perpetrators on the one hand and about victims on the other. Rather, the members of the military and civilian population have one significant element in common: Both suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder for years after the war is over and are left alone with