Bas-Relief of a Sacred Character Discovered by Mexican Archaeologists at El Tajin


MEXICO CITY.- A fragment of a sculptural tableau that represents a character with 2 left arms, which might have been attached 1,100 years ago to the façade of the Niches Pyramid, was discovered by researchers of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in El Tajin Archaeological Zone, Veracruz. The finding took place in late 2010 in the bed of a stream located 100 meters to the west of the pyramid, when rain uncovered a fragment of sandstone (86 by 61 centimeters and 15 cm thick) with a bas-relief scene partially eroded. Its similarity with other tableaux, the last of them found in 1980 at Niches Pyramid, point out that the one recently discovered must have been exposed at the structure in late Epi Classic period and early Post Classic, between 900 and 1200 of the Common Era, declared archaeologist David Andrade Olvera, who works at El Tajin. “The bas-relief character is depicted with his face in prof