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Art Fair Tokyo 2012‏

Art Fair Tokyo 2012‏

Art Fair Tokyo 2012
Friday, March 30–Sunday, April 1, 2012
(First Choice, Opening Preview: Thursday, March 29, 2012 *invitees and press only)

Tokyo International Forum, B2F, Exhibition Hall

Fair Hours:
Public Viewing:
Friday, March 30, 11am–9pm
Saturday, March 31, 11am–8pm
Sunday, April 1, 10:30am–5pm

Welcoming Deutsche Bank Group as its Main Sponsor for a second consecutive year, ART FAIR TOKYO 2012 will be held over three days this year during the spring cherry blossom season. For its seventh edition, the fair will feature an expanded venue, taking up the whole of the Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Hall. The more than 160 participating galleries and cooperating partners will feature a wide range of genres and periods from antiques, crafts, nihionga, and modern art to the latest contemporary art. ART FAIR TOKYO 2012 will include several new highlights: a booth with high-quality works retracing Japanese art history from antiques to contemporary art, a section offering opportunities to discover the latest, internationally acclaimed art from the Asia-Pacific region, and many original programs and new related-events organized in collaboration with other creative industries, such as food and fashion. ART FAIR TOKYO will provide a unique experience in discovering the joys of “purchasing art.”

List of Participating Galleries
Gallery 2, Shintaro Akatsu Gallery / Berengo Studio, ANDO GALLERY, AOYAMA | MEGURO OFFICE, GALLERY APA, ARARIO GALLERY, ARATANIURANO, Art Lab TOKYO, Arte Classica BY ISHIGURO GALLERY, GALLERY AYA, B-gallery, Bambinart Gallery, Bancho Gallery, BASE GALLERY, BEN TEN 452, Bohemian’s Guild by Natsume Books, gallery C.A.J., Chi-Wen Gallery, COHJU contemporary art, gallery deux poisons, DMO ARTS, GALLERY EGINU, eN arts, EXHIBITION SPACE, Gallery EXIT, GALLERY GINZA ARTONE, GINZA KURODA TOUEN, Ginza Yanagi Gallery, GALLERY GYOKUEI, HARA KOBIJUTUTEN, H-art Beat, GALLERY HIROOKA BIJUTSU, Gallery Hirota Fine Art, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO, imura art gallery, Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, T. EDO INOUYE & SON oriental art, Taka Ishii Gallery, island JAPAN, ITSUKI ART GALLERY, Gallery Jin Esprit+, Gallery Jin Projects, KAMIYA ART, Kashima Arts, Khankhalaev Gallery, KISHIMOTO GALLERY, KOBAYASHI GALLERY, Gallery KOCHUKYO, Tristian Koenig, GALLERY KOGURE, KOMIYAMA SHOTEN, TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY, GALLERY KUGO, Gallery KUNIMATSU, Marunouchi Gallery, MAYUYAMA & CO., LTD., GALLERY MINAZUKI, Espace Mirabeau, MITA ARTS GALLERY, MITOCHU KOEKI COMPANY, Kobijutsu Miyashita, GALLERY MIZOE, Gallery Murakoshi, NAGOYA GALLERY, NAKACHO KONISHI ARTS, NANAYA, nca | nichido contemporary art, neutron, galerie nichido, Eiji Nishikawa Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Nishimura Gallery, NODA CONTEMPORARY, NORTON GALLERY, MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY, Ohshima Fine Art, O-Jewel, ONE AND J. GALLERY, PKM GALLERY, Project Fulfill Art Space, Roid Works Gallery, SAGAMIYA, SAIHODO GALLERY, Saitama Gallery, Gallery SanKaïBi, SANKEIDO Ltd., SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, GALLERY SEIZAN, SEN ART GALLERY, Shibuya Kurodatoen, SHIHOUDOU GALLERY, Gallery SHINGENDO, SHINSEIDO HATANAKA, GALERIE SHO CONTEMPORARY ART, SHUKADO, Shunpudo Gallery, Shunsei Gallery, Gallery Skape, SNOW Contemporary, Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Gallery St. Ives, Gallery Suchi, SUICHIKU-DO, Gallery SUIHA, Sumisho Art Gallery, TAGUCHI ART, Taigado, TAIMEI GALLERY, Taiyo Gallery, Galerie Taménaga, TANNAKA Co., Ltd., Gallery Tazu Art, TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, The Third Gallery Aya, TKG+, Gallery Togeisha, TOHO ART, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo, Gallery Tomura, Tsubaki Modern Gallery, URAGAMI SOKYU-DO, Utopian Slumps, S. WATANABE COLOR PRINT CO., Watanabe Sanpo-do Oriental Works of Art Collection, Y++ / Wada Fine Arts, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, YAMAMOTO GENDAI, YAMASHITA GALLERY, Yanagase Gallery, Gallery Yanai, yasaka gallery, YOD Gallery, Yorozu Gallery, Yoshimi Arts, YOSHIMI GALLERY, Yufuku Gallery, YUKARI ART, ZOKYUDO GALLERY

Partner Exhibitors
3331 Arts Chiyoda + WA WA PROJECT, Arts Initiative Tokyo, Artist for a day, Mori Art Museum, The Nikkei Online Edition, REBIRTH PROJECT, SOMARTA, teamLab, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Cooperating Galleries / Museum
art gardens, Hagurodo, HOUMANDO, Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum, London Gallery, Mizuma Art Gallery, NANZUKA, Gallery Naruyama, Shouun Oriental Art, YOKOI FINE ART, YUMIKO CHIBA ASSOCIATES, Eslite Gallery, MEM, ShugoArts, Vitamin Creative Space, Gallery Koyanagi, Mujin-to Production