Addicted to Highs and Lows Curated by Richard Aldrich on View at Bortolami Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Bortolami Gallery presents Addicted to Highs and Lows curated by Richard Aldrich. A writer (theorist) or a curator is a kind of artist. They know (unconsciously) what they are looking for. They are drawn to things, and need only to take what they have seen and contextualize it in their own way, use it their own way to make sense and begin to articulate their own feelings. Thus two readers, after finishing the same book, have two separate ideas of the book. And this is the best thing: these same two readers could meet again in ten years and reread the same book and have two new ideas. Marriage is the desire to have a mirror to gauge oneself everyday: “what did you think of that?” you could say to your spouse. Or often you don’t even need to say anything. This is why art is so