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47 Million Pound Renovation Restores Victorian Glory to National Museum of Scotland

EDINBURGH (REUTERS).- The National Museum of Scotland reopened to the public on Friday after a 47-million-pound renovation that has restored its Victorian glory while giving it a spectacular boost into the 21st century. Before the three-year makeover — completed on time and under budget — “the building was looking a bit tired and a little bit sad,” said museum director Gordon Rintoul. “Now it’s an entirely new museum.” The central hall is in itself an eye-catching exhibit, soaring three storeys to a glass roof supported by the original iron columns which were at the cutting edge of technology when the museum first opened in 1866. Around 8,000 objects are on show, of which 80 percent have been tucked away in dingy storage spaces and not seen for generations. “We just assembled objects because they were surprising, or beautiful, or thought-provoking,” said science and technology curator Alex