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Collaborations & Interventions at CCA Andratx‏

Collaborations & Interventions at CCA Andratx‏

Collaborations & Interventions

Group show curated by
Friederike Nymphius
7 April–23 September 2012

7 April, 8 pm

CCA Andratx
C. Estanyera, 2
E-07150 Andratx, Mallorca
Tue–Fri: 10.30–19h
Sat–Sun: 10.30–16h

T +34 971 137 770
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Artists: Art & Language, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Bernadette Corporation, André Butzer, Marieta Chirulescu, Matt Connors, Raphael Danke, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Sylvie Fleury, Mark Flood, Claire Fontaine, Leo Gabin, Gelitin, Rodney Graham, Amy Granat, Guyton\Walker, Stefan Hablützel, Isabell Heimerdinger, Thomas Helbig, Richard Hell, Uwe Henneken, Gregor Hildebrandt, Irwin, Xylor Jane, Sergej Jensen, Jacob Kassay, Jiří Kovanda, Alicja Kwade, Leigh Ledare, Paul McDevitt, Jonathan Meese, Henrik Olesen, Manfred Pernice, Jan van der Ploeg, Cornelius Quabeck, Anselm Reyle, Elodie Seguin, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Gedi Sibony, Michal Skoda, Martin Städeli, Katja Strunz, Superflex, Gert & Uwe Tobias, Fredrik Værslev, Franz West, Christopher Wool.

Collaborations & Interventions is an international group show developed especially for CCA Kunsthalle Andratx. The show will explore different types of collaboration and intervention by about 40 international artists and groups from the late 60s to the present.

Since the mid-60s the work of artist groups such as Art & Language, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, Gelitin, Irwin, Leo Gabin and Superflex have been marked by subversive political statements and appropriations of works and forms from high and popular culture as well as their radical treatment of the idea of the collective.

These strategies have been extended by several artists with interventionist aspects but without losing a subtle political context. In his performances Jiří Kovanda explores the relation between viewer and art. Rodney Graham’s appropriations pay an ironically demystifying tribute to important artists. Leigh Ledare commissions photographs by putting want ads in newspapers. Mark Flood uses the deconstructive strategies of Punks. Isabell Heimerdinger asks actors to follow up their films.

Many artist groups, such as Elmgreen & Dragset, Gert & Uwe Tobias and Fischli & Weiss share a lengthy experience of working together. They have developed a specific language, in which individual powers are transformed into a collective entity.

Beside existing works by Christopher Wool & Richard Hell the show will exhibit new collaborations by Sylvie Fleury & Gerwald Rockenschaub, Alicja Kwade & Gregor Hildebrandt, Wade Guyton & Kelley Walker, Paul McDevitt & Cornelius Quabeck, Manfred Pernice & Martin Städeli and Katja Strunz & Uwe Henneken. The results vary depending on the relationship between the particular artists. The works represent the results of productive artistic examinations, showing the confrontation between different personalities, materials and intentions.

In collaboration with the Austrian based artist Gerwald Rockenschaub, a unique intervention will be made in the form of a wall painting that will function as a holding medium for small paintings, collages and works of paper by André Butzer, Marieta Chirulescu, Matt Connors, Raphael Danke, Amy Granat, Stefan Hablützel, Thomas Helbig, Xylor Jane, Sergej Jensen, Jacob Kassay, Henrik Olesen, Jan van der Ploeg, Elodie Seguin, Gedi Sibony and Michal Skoda.