Works by Albert Oehlen from every phase of his career on view in new exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bonn

BONN.- Albert Oehlen (born 1954, in Krefeld, Germany) is one of the most important German painters of his generation. Among the key qualities that define the significance of his 30-year oeuvre is its articulation of a fundamental scepticism toward the medium of painting within the me¬dium itself, rather than by turning away from painting – an aspect his work shares with that of Gerhard Richter. The exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bonn presents 35 works by Albert Oehlen from every phase of his career, including the computer paintings of the early 1980s, the grey paintings of the 1990s, and the artist’s current abstract-expressive works, as well as a group of his most recent works, which were created with the Bonn exhibition in mind. This exhibition is by no means conceived as a retrospective, but as an open field in which the various references and fundamental questions raised by the work as a whole are brought