National Museum of American History Showcases Two New Exhibits

A panel from the comic adaptation of ‘Son Of Celluloid’ - A giant eyeball, the one behind the door in Clive Barker’s story ‘Son Of Celluloid’ (from ‘Books Of Blood’), which quotes ‘Casablanca’ at its victim: ‘Here’s looking at you, kid’.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum
of American History is featuring more than a century of toy history in a
highlights case, “Toys from the Attic.” Showcasing toys from 1825 to
1939, the
case explores the changing experience of an American middle-class child.
the improving economy of the 19th century, children were sent to school
than to work, and adults began to understand the distinct importance of
childhood and its specific needs. These changes allowed American
children time
to play and encouraged greater demand for manufactured toys. Toy
companies began
to create evermore sophisticated toys intended to entertain, educate and
children for adulthood.