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Allegra LaViola Gallery presents “Off The Wall” Sculptural Works

Gae Savannah - 'Rhydal', 2010 - Sequins, vinyl, garland, Christmas ornaments and plastic, 70” x 19” x 13”. - Photo: Courtesy Allegra LaViola Gallery, NY

NEW YORK, NY.- Allegra LaViola Gallery presents
Off The Wall, a group show
comprised of sculptural works attached to the wall. The
origin of the term “off the wall”
remains unclear, but it is a relatively new phrase, used to describe
or someone, who is zany, untraditional and unusual. Though the concept
three-dimensional works that are still on the wall is not new, the seven
included in this exhibition are pushing the boundaries of how sculptural
can remain coherent when not liberated from a hanging surface.  On
exhibition through 3