La Loggia Art Gallery – Vernissage in Toscana‏


Dear artist Topalski,

I would like to focus your attention on the opportunity of exhibiting your works in one of the most prestigious galleries in the centre of Italy: Galleria La Loggia.

La Loggia is located in Sansepolcro, a few metres from the Civic Museum, hosting the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca, who was born in Sansepolcro and stands as one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance period.

The Galleria La Loggia is managed by its patron Ugo Agostinelli and it has been the setting of important exhibitions such as “From De Chirico to Ferroni”, “Single artist Alberto Sughi exhibition”, “Mimmo Rotella”, “Décollages et Effaçages” “The Italian Novecento in Rothenburg”, “Borghese”, “Carlo Carrà”, “Tozzi”, “De Pisis”, “Schifano”.

Both internation and unknown (but very talented) artists had the opportunity to exhibit their works in this gallery and extraordinarily beautiful individual and group exhibitions were organized.

The gallery offers different solutions, according to the artist’s budget.

The rent of our structure for a one-month single-artist exhibition amounts to € 12,000. This amount may be shared by 2 or 3 artists, up to a maximum of 4. The fare includes electricity, phone and fax use, the rent of the whole structure having a surface of 300 squared meters, where a total of 80 to 100 paintings may be displayed, according to their size (in the case of a four-artist exhibition, each artist will display from 20 to 25 works).

The gallery will organize the Vernissage, with an aperitif inside the gallery to present the event, will  set up the exhibition (hanging the works and decorating the rooms) and will send 1,200 invitations to the gallery’s customers and the painters’ friends. The gallery will also provide advertising on the web, on local media (press and TV) and local TV channels will interview the painter. Specialized personnel will edit a DVD clip about the exhibition, with the painter and the gallery owner.

The staff of the gallery will open and close  the exhibition every day and will take care of the marketing.

An advertising sign with the name of the artist will be displayed outside the gallery.

The gallery doesn’t take any commission on the works sold. The gallerist only requests, at the end of the exhibition, the donation of a painting chosen by the artist.

The price list of the paintings will be agreed by the artist and the gallery owner.

The forwarding and transportation of the works will be at the artist’s charge and responsibility.

Maurizio Rapiti


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phone: (+39)3385009527